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About Us | Bright Board - Career & Skill Development Institute
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About Us

Bright Board is born out of the requirement of the corporate industry which demands many skills other than academic achievement.

Research has shown IQ itself isn’t a very good predictor of job performance or success in any career. Bright Board inspires individuals to develop important life skills while promoting academic achievement, and exposure to the corporate world.

We help them build non-cognitive skills, career direction and develop a mindset to achieve long term success. Just like an ice berg, all the efforts of a successful person lie beneath the surface. We have built our programs by investing 8000 hours of work with concepts which are recognized and researched by the great psychologists in the world and using all evident-based tools.

Rasesh Rambhia is Executive Director of Bright Board. With a strong belief in education as a future of learned world, his perception and learning inspired him to start Bright Board to Connect with the younger generation, Inspire them to be successful and Transform them with great character and values.

As a professor and visiting faculty for engineering colleges, BBA/BMS, MBA/MMS programs, he came across thousands of young aspirants lacking the skills required to be successful in the present competitive world. Having more than 25 years of experience in IT industry, Teaching and Management consulting, it gave him an edge of understanding various industries and their future requirements. Now, he is on a mission to provide world class career guidance and non-cognitive skill development programs for the future of our young leaders.

Rasesh is a “Distinguished Alumnus of Southern Cross University” Australia, MBA program.

He is an avid reader and is armed with few thousand books in management, technology and various occult sciences and also has world’s rare stamp collection. He is travel buff, has travelled many destinations across the globe majorly during his stint with IT Industry.

He is student of Astrology for past 25 years and practicing astrologer for personal and professional wisdom.

He is a professional Colour Consultant for past 20 years, his knowledge on colour choices for business, personal and sales and buying decision of various categories of products and services. He also guides for personal prosperity through colour selection of dressing and home decor.

His philosophy is, “With dedication, positive attitude and hard work, anyone can choose and change to a career that fits their identity.